Giant Fathom E+ 2 Pro (2019) e-MTB


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I don't see any threads here relating to this bike, so here is one! Seems like it's not that available internationally (outside Australia)? Maybe it's called something else.

I'm weighing up buying one of these versus a Giant Quick E+ (2019) for daily commuting. Here in Australia it's roughly $3200 (Quick E+) vs $3900 (Fathom E+ 2 Pro). Reason for the Fathom 'Pro' over the non-Pro is upgraded shocks and components, plus a slick black colour.

I took one for a spin and it's very smooth to ride and the motor has a fast response. Was fun. I often go over gutters and speedhumps on my commute, hence why I'm considering this over the Quick E+, but it's hard to say no to the Quick E+! If I buy one, I'm planning on adding mudguards and switching the tyres to G-One's as per the Quick E+, and I'll post photos and status updates here. I'm concerned by the limited on-road speed due to the 36T crank cog.

Does anyone ride one of these? Any comments about them?



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Don't be concerned re the 36 t front - I'm running that size on my full e pro with 11-40 rear, it's a good match for everything from walking pace uphill to around 50 k downhill. Besides, it's reasonably easy to fit a larger front if you prefer.

Good time to be buying, with the giant oz sale just starting - presumably next years models are about to arrive?


Here in Canada our max assisted speed is 20mph wich is 32 km/h. The names are a bit different but 1 of these Giant has narrow rims and tires and very affordable wich is fine for streets. The other is wide rims and tires wich i prefer for trails where traction is more important and the transmission and suspension are more expensive. I like 10 S for chain longevity so these are 2 good bikes but suited for different use in my opinion. Obviously the similar bikes are limited differently depending on laws where they are sold. Personaly i would get a 34 T.


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I'm also considering a Fathom E+ 2 pro as a commuter in Australia. I was looking at the quick E in XL frame size but it's sold out in Victoria.

I'm interested if you went ahead with the purchase and any modifications you made.


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i got the E+2 Pro, was no brainer as i can commute and mtb on same bike.
ended up buying second set of wheels, just basic ones and using them for commuting.
got Peartune to unlock speed, averaging 40kmh on daily commute.

which one did you get?