Giant RideControl App - compatible HR monitors ?


Just getting used to my new 2019 Explore E+ 1 bike and have been using RideControl & Strava to track my rides.

I noticed RideControl appears to show a heart rate dataset and seems to allow setting HR goals so I purchased a Bluetooth HR monitor (Wahoo Fitness TICKR) and while I can get Strava, the Wahoo Fitness app and the IOS Health app to all sync with the monitor, RideControl won't discover the device when I tell it to search for it.

I like that RideControl already has the cadence and instantaneous power output from bike - so I didn't want to have to buy a separate bike computer just to get HR as well ...

Does anyone know what HR devices are actually supported (if any - maybe its a coming soon feature) ?

Details -
Iphone 6 running iOS 12.2
Giant Explore E+ 1 (2019)
RideControl v 1.2.0 build 25
Wahoo TICKR (ANT+ & Bluetooth HR monitor)