Giant Trance E+1 Pro


I just got one of these babies to serve as my daily driver while the Dirt E2 is in the shop for servicing. Nothing too much wrong - after 12k km, I wanted the bike serviced to possibly replace a BB bearing, get the display checked for fogging in the rain.

The Trance E+1 Pro of course, is built on an All Mountain trail platform with an adaptation of Yamaha's PWX motor. In addition, the Trance I got was North American spec, so it goes up to 20 mph, which is arguably as fast as I would ever want to go on gnarly terrain. It's a pretty good match for commuting in the Philippine capital, given how broken so many roads are, but there's more than a substantive margin there. The bike is more than a match for the asphalt on which I drive and it's very comfortable and secure even at speed. I never fear not having the stopping power nor that I'll encounter a serious pothole that will give me the shivers. It's all very, very stable.

Giant's Syncdrive Pro is a joy to operate. The power is so immediate that the transition is even more smooth and flawless. I can swear sometimes that the motor just disappears and I feel as if I really am strong enough to pedal a full suspension all mountain bike to 30 kph on my own on an uphill climb. It's especially smooth on Eco, which is what I usually use. I can't tell when it disengages at the top end, though it is definitely quite noticeably gone by about 34 kph. Having said that, it is remarkably, even worryingly powerful on Sport. It's tuned to be very eager to go, though not quite at full power right away - that helps with traction on loose uphill. I'd venture that it achieves the full 80 Nm of assist within the first quarter-stroke of the pedal. Its eagerness to get going can be felt when you're stopped and stepping on the pedals on Sport mode - just that is enough to palpably engage the motor.

The noise levels are comparable with the PW, and the Q-factor is definitely better. The noise is low enough that a colleague on the trail never noticed that the bike is electric even though he was right in front of me. He only heard the motor noise when we came abreast and I was motoring on Sport in high cadence. As a rider, some of that vibration and noise is always noticeable - probably because the noise is conducting through the bike as well. It's not loud enough to hear in normal traffic noise, but it comes through on quieter trails.
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