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It is a shame that they are no longer producing the one road bike in their line. I know road bikes are a tough sell, but I think one of the things that prevented the XDURO Race from selling was the lack of integration of the Bosch motor and battery. For a $5400 bike the motor and battery looked hideous on something that should be sleek and sexy.

Nova Haibike

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Focus has a new road bike called the Paralane 2.
Finally. I was beginning to wonder when they would ever do something with their Project Y concepts.

What's not to like?
The cutoff speed and the tiny battery. But I might forgive those depending on how much it feels like a regular bike when not using any assistance. The low weight will go a long way in making it feel more lively when sprinting.


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The cheapest...
sduro trekking 1.0 bosch 2199 Euros
""""""""""""""""" 2.0 yamaha 2399
Sduro cross
Price equal to the Sduro trekking

EMTB gradient 3
hard seven life 1.0 1999 euros
""""""""""""""""" 2.0/2.5 2199 euros With or without fenders

Hard nine price same hard seven.

EMTB Double fork gradient 3/4
Ladies /men
FUll seven life 3.0 2799 euros yamaha
""""""""""""""""" 7.0 3999 euros bosch
Full nine 2.0 2799
"""""""""" 6.0 3799
Full seven 4.0 2999
""""""""""" 6.0 3799
EMTB Double fork gradient 4
Xduro all mountain fork 160mm 32t/44t yamaha pwx 3999 euros.

Only 2 models s-pedelec 45 km/h/28mph class 3 trekking....
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