Greetings from Argyll!


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I am very new to mountain biking only having started in March on my daughters hard tail. I progressed to borrowing my son's all singing and dancing downhill electric bike. Having turned 60 and recently moved to Argyll I have splashed out on a used Scott Genius Plus ebike. I have ridden it only once before bringing it up to Argyll. Cant wait to get up those tracks and hills.


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Welcome to the site.
Nice to have some terrain to see while you bicycle. Hope the rain doesn't drive you in. I hear Scotland has a lot of it. I wear clothes and ride on, no car rides for me.
Sunday before service I saw a doe, a squirrel, and a rabbit, all running away from me. Also two horses. Not to mention the black and orange butterfiles, the black and clear winged dragonfiles resembling C47 transports on D-day.
On another route I've found two miniature horses that run towards me at the fence, and get rewarded by half slices of wheat bread. Palomino geldings; I bet those were expensive.