Greyp release of the G6 e bike


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That is certainly a much better design than their past flagship


which was heavily slanted towards the raw power end of the spectrum, up to 12,000w, that has been under development for years:

Rimac is a very high end e super car manufacturers perhaps best known for Richard Hammond of Top Gear fame rolling one down a hill and escaping with his life.

Obviously the G6 effort is tailored more towards the legal end of the spectrum and the MFP mid drive has been under development for awhile and I am sure with GreyP's input every bit the bomb proof system. Fully sealed and water proof is nothing the other manufacturers can advertise. All metal gears will mean higher weight but longer lifespan. Haven't seen a bike weight yet but it should be less than 60 lbs. even with the big battery.

Not my cup of e but I'm sure it will hit the mark for those that have to have the best of the rest.