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Currently don't own an ebike.. I do like Haibike but am confused by all their offerings.. I will be riding rail trails, snowmobile trails, MUP trails and some single track but nothing crazy. .I'm 61 years old and currently ride a hybrid dino bike w/ suspension seat but really want full suspension. I love my suspension fork.. I would like as much range as possible so their bikes with 400wh batteries won't cut it unless I'm able to substitute a 500wh battery at time of purchase.. I don't want to spend more than 4k... Any reccomendations would be appreciated
If you can find a leftover Haibike SDuro FullNine 6.0, that is pretty much what you are looking for. I am just short of 500 miles on mine, bought in late May, and it is an amazing bike. I SERIOUSLY doubt whether you are going to find one in your size that's available, but you may want to wait til next Spring and buy a leftover 2018 model.

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My first Haibike was a 2016 XDURO Full Seven S RX. The 400wh Bosch has proven to be enough battery for me. I'll be 66 this week, and always joke that I run out of juice much faster than the battery does on single trails! If you don't ride a lot of big rocks, I don't think you would need the FullNine. My second Haibike is a 2016 XDURO Trekking S RX. I did the battery upgrade when I purchased it new. That gives me an honest 50 miles, with just a little range left when I get home. The fork on the Full Seven is a dream, the fork on the Trekking a nightmare. The difference of air and spring forks. I've grown a little cranky over the years with what I spent and what kind of fork they used on the Trekking. I'm crazy about the Bosch system, but that may put you in a bind for the dollars. Just about to get to prime buying season as they sell off old inventory. Should be some real deals showing up again in October. November is prime dealing time!
I'm 63 and a bit larger. 2016 Xduro FullSeven S Pro. Bought a backup 500wh battery, great result. Nyon upgrade 1G Euro models and replaced controller, another great result. I did price a newer FullSeven S 9.0 but noticed a bit cheaper components and front fork travel is down to 100 mm from the 120 mm mine has. I would not take a Niner out on single track, you lose a lot of performance in technical sections. Niners are strictly Cross Country in my applications, 27.5'ers are a bit of both, 26'ers are much more technically oriented. But remember that Any technical can be much more challenging due to the weight of an eBike vs a pedal only version. I also really like the 28 mph without dongle mods on the S models even though you give up some Torque. You should be researching and buying now, they are not carrying over inventory like 2-3 years ago. imho
Hi, i am 61 and recently bought my first Ebike. To improve your range you might consider doing like me and switching your cassette. Mine was a 10S 11-36 i had it replaced by an 11-42. I like riding 4hrs daily so i went for a 500 Wh battery model. I prefer to climb slowly than draining my battery and needing to be back in 2-3 hours. Because i like simplicity i selected a 120 mm hardtail with 27.5 x 3.0 tires and i do not feel a full suspension would be better.