Haibike kickstand?


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I have an allmtn 5.0. In the "allmtn plus 2016" review on youtube that bike has a kickstand.

Could anyone recomend a working kickstand for my bike? My bike dealer said that kickstand could never fit my bike. :/


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There are no bolts. Prob dangerous to have a stand when downhilling. But something easily attatchable/removable for citybiking would be nice.

Nova Haibike

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In this thread his Allmtn 5.0 seems to have a kickstand. There aren't two threaded eyelets on the chainstay? In pictures I have seen it looks like there may be a plug covering the eyelets.


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There are no bolts.
If your AllMtn 5.0 is the same as my 2016 AllMtn Plus, the kickstand mounting eyelets on the left chainstay are slickly hidden by a black plastic cover (first two photos). I don't remember if the eyelets were threaded, but the backside of the chainstay is molded for the nuts (third pic). My dealer got me a run-of-the mill standard kickstand, and I believe @Ravi Kempaiah correctly referenced 18mm kickstands (though I did not measure mine). The nuts and bolts come with the kickstand. Just make sure you apply some Lock-Tite; otherwise, it will loosen quickly.