Happy beginnings


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Changed a bit since my 1st post of this bike. European style uncut, Answer 810 3" riser bar, Zoagear stem, Wolftooth Fat Paw grips. I wish I would have ordered the black grips, although, the yellow is okay with the Maxxis Pace tires and frame accents. The 3" rise helps me better than the OEM adjustable stem will because the frame is longer. I'm wide and stout so, now I have less weight on my palms while retaining bar-control.... If you shorten the stem, I vehemently recommend that you widen your bars complimentary. It does affect steering to do either task without the other. Longer stem is best with shorter bars, super short stems with longer bars, by rule... The Pace treads are amazing on gravel and trail. They ride nice on the road but, 1 good skid and knobs are flying off, it's already happening. Most likely my favorite tire of all time for the paths I ride.

We have a bike park trip in the making with single tracks for riders of nonprofessional aspirations. I feel we are ready. We as in, my bike and me....


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