Happy Birthday Court!

john peck

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Happy biirthday, growing old is inevitable, growing up is optional! 🧙‍♂️. At the end of your NCM Moscow review
you asked for some feedback. Well, I got one yesterday; ordered if on Fri. arrived Mon. So shipping is 'fast'
haven't really ridden it yet, just a quick spin 'round the block. Amazing torque for a 500 watt. This thing
really will climb anything. I got $200 off the price on the review; I think they're not selling just because of
the name. No bells & whistles, but good components for the price. All that torque caught me off guard.&
I nearly crashed. I'm not riding again 'til I get some 5" riser bars,(due today). Will keep you posted here.
Got the 29er frame. I've beat the hell outa my CCS trying to make it a mtn. bike; I think the NCM can
really get it done if it holds up.
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