Harm of topping off a battery prior to riding?


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I have been reading up on battery care and for the most part I don't think I want to spend too much time worrying about it. I do however want to do what I can, within reason, to help prolong the life of my battery. I do a few things now that are fairly simple, like not leaving it out in the garage when it's freezing, never letting it get completely drained, always having less than a full charge when storing. These things are easy for me to do. What I'm wondering is if it is less damaging if it is only fully charged momentarily, just prior to a ride, or is just the act of fully charging it, for what ever the length of time, that does the harm? I'm always having "low battery anxiety" and will often topp off just prior to a ride.

Thomas Jaszewski

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IME you're doing all you can and charging before using a pack seems a good plan. I charge mine to 90% and sometimes prior to a ride, to 100%. Two 36V batts here are from 2014. Based on some experience, I hope those two will carry 350W mid drives through their 5th season. I really don't expect more than that and I won't be surprised if I'm wrong and I end up replacing mid-season. I spent more than $125 a season on gas, oil, and expendables on my stink pot scooter.