Has Anyone Added a Rear Rack to a Como?


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My LBS installed a Topeak MTX Explorer rear rack on my 2019 Como 5.0 prior to delivery. This includes a sliding track mount for a Topeak trunk bag. Been very happy with it. Topeak makes a ton of Explorer variants (disc brakes or not, spring or not, etc.) I believe this is close: Topeak MTX Explorer.



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Specialized has a rack that is designed specifically for the "Roll" series of comfort bike and the Como bikes. We had them installed on our 2020 3.0 models. https://www.specialized.com/us/en/roll-rack/p/156045?color=230947-156045

These photos show it mounted on both the small frame low-entry model, and the M/L size standard frame. Hard to see in these pics, but the main support arms mount on the inside of the rear triangle, making a very clean install. They have a nice clearance between the tire and the rack which leaves plenty of room for the arms on my 1UpUSA rack.


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I installed that Roll rack on mine as well. Seems to work fine.

Covers the real light though, which is a bummer.