headlight powered by existing wiring

Discussion in 'BionX Forum' started by Sergeyt22, Jun 26, 2017.

  1. Sergeyt22

    Sergeyt22 New Member


    I had always thought of having headlight for my KTM ecross that doesn't need a separate battery. Actually I found it is relatively easy to do.

    1) Super cheap 5v headlamp - 6USD, declared as Hot 3000LM CREE XML T6 LED
    2) Pair of connectors - HR30-6J-6P (71) and HR30-6P-6S (71)
    3) 5v+ from pin 1 and GND from pin 3
    4) small piece of 8-wired cable
    5) a bit of drilling and soldering... :)



    Happy riding!

    Best regards,
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  3. Francomoto

    Francomoto New Member

    Great DIY Sergey! Does the headlight is turn on-off by the G2 consol?

    Ride safe!
  4. Sergeyt22

    Sergeyt22 New Member

    Hi Franco, the button by default works in the following sequence - off -> hi-beam -> lo-beam - >blink -> off. If it stays on as you take the console out the whole system switches off after some delay by itself.
  5. Cephalotus

    Cephalotus New Member

    I do not recommend to take the power from the 5V CAN Bus, but take the power from the built in DC-Dc converter with the 48V batteries that is able to offere 5,5V to 12V (you have to use the BionX software to modify that) at up to 1,5A.

    (-) is the same as (-) of the overall system, (+) is the housing(!) of the SUD-d connector