Hello Ebike Friends


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Court, I have invested in watching your videos for a couple years. In fact, my first exposure was early two summers ago when I decided to purchase an ebike. Initially, the European and more exotic names were my focus, but I ultimately decided on Trek, due to easy access to several Trek stores and retail/service partners. My bike is an XM700+. I modified it by adding an integrated rear light, a shock seat post, brooks seat, bike rack, new pedals and I changed the handlebar to provide a more upright position (more like a cruiser position). The bike is great. That said, I immediately had buys envy the following year with the dual sport, now the less expensive super commuter and soon the Allant plus. I may seek a used super commuter, dual sport or powerfly at some point for variety of stability and riding options.

The bike really helps me with hills in the Cincinnati area and spares a bad knee. It also makes riding more comfortable overall. Everyone should have one, even serious road cycling purists. I know Mountain Bikers are really beginning to adopt them.

Thanks for growing interest in ebikes, all.



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Welcome to the website.
I may bike over to your Amtrak station if I ever decide to take the bike to Pennsylvania or the western parks loop. Cinci is closer than Indi.
People are really different. My bike matches the green reflective construction vest I wear, and if it came with glow-in-the-dark paint I'd have bought that option too.


@Ronnielc Welcome to the forum. We're already replacing vehicle trips with e-Bike outings. It's nice to enjoy the outdoors and get some exercise (<-- yes this is possible on an e-Bike)...