Hello from Athens, Greece


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Hello everyone.
New member here, from Athens Greece. :cool:

A few words on my backround:
After my childhood I forgot all about bicycles. I started using one again after 32 years old for recreational purposes only.
This was a hybrid rigid fork steel frame bike with some city friendly accessories (rack, dynamo lights etc). After a while I also started commuting on this bike, to and from work, a good 8km (4.2mi) incline each way. Athens has many level changes and lacks bicycle infrastructure.
After 1 year I flipped this cheap bicycle for an also cheap road bike as I enjoyed more and more the crouched body position. Again, I used this road bicycle for commuting and recreational rides, until 1.5 years later, when an absent-minded car driver caused an accident that involved me flying at 45km/h speed (27.2 mph). :eek: Fortunately, I wasn't severely injured. I was VERY fortunate, actually, as this was the first time I had forgotten to put on gloves and helmet (talk about coincidenses...). Anyway, I fixed the bicycle but at this time I changed jobs and I could not commute to the new office for several reasons.
So, the use of the bicycle weaned away, but my interest stayed strong. At some point I found Court's reviews on youtube and electic bicycles were my new love.
Priorities changed, I have now a new office site I need to visit once per week, maybe more frequently after March. This new site is downtown. I would never dare to leave any kind of bicycle there parked on the street, locks and all. So, I bought a folding electric bicycle. From the start I was involved repairing and tuning the bicycles myself, so I was not scared to order online. I knew I would need to tinker stuff after delivery.

I will write a review of this cheap, Chinese bicycle on the appropriate section of the forum and I will also post the link here.
Great to meet all of you in this great community! :)