Hello from British Columbia! First time E-biker...


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I started commuting by bus and feet after the tranny blew on my car last year. What I thought would last a month turned into a year, and I found that it was quite doable. I loved riding my bike but I'm in a very hilly suburb of Vancouver and it just was a drag to get to my destination hot, sweaty and miserable. When I decided to look into e-bikes I was limited by a strict budget and overwhelmed at all the options. Thankfully I happened on Court's reviews and website. It really helped to determine the bike that would suit my budget and riding needs. Really great, was being able to read about experiences of others to narrow down possible choices. I decided to purchase a Magnum Ui6 and am very pleased. It was at the top of my budget but it takes hills like a champ, and is a pleasure to ride. Totally stoked!

Marci jo

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Congrats on your new bike. Sounds like a fantastic commute. Looking forward to a photo of your new wheels.