Hello from Eltham.


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I am a long time cyclist and love cycling. I have just converted my Specialized Pro to an e-bike. I have used a Bafang 250w motor with 36 volt 19.2 ah bateries. The computer display is a DPC 14. I am loving the bike and the new scope it has opened up for me. I ride it as a bike rather than just use the electrics and use mainly assist level 1/2. At this level of power use I am getting ranges consistently in excess of 180k. Looking forward to sharing ideas and information. Safe riding.

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Welcome to the EBR Forum. I'm sure there will be more than a few members who would like to see photos of your conversion.
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Welcome and congrats on the conversion. It can be addicting though:)

I bought a Bulls Evo eMTB in September and got instantly hooked. Totally changed my riding from something I did for fitness/upkeep to something I do everyday. Lost 15lbs since then and am in much better shape. I just ride everywhere Im allowed and dial in the assist to get the workout I want. Some days I just want to go all out and set the assist to max.

Wasnt long before I wanted a second ebike and converted a 90s hardtail MTB using an Tongsheng TSDZ2 with opensource firmware. Not as refined as the brose system on the Bulls but thats fine.

Hopefully, they will open more MTB trails where i live, then it time for another ebike:D (Full Suspension)


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I know wht you mean about being addictive. I am looking to add/convert a smaller 20 inch wheel for shopping runs - that type of cycling. I love riding my e-bike.