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Thanks for joining me to this community.

I bought my first e-bike last December. Because of I'm quite tall (2 meters) I had some difficulties to find an e-bike high enough for me. The solution was Haibike Sduro Trekking 4.0 XXL. Now there is 2100 km in the odometer, half of it during the Finnish winter with snow and the temperature between 0 and -18 deg Celsius. No problems with the e-technology!

Wish You all light and fun kilometers and miles!


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Welcome to the site.
I go out when cold & dry, but ice on the road puts me on the city bus. A cold 17 AH battery can just barely manage my 30 mile commute, too. That is using a heating pad on the start end.
The bike shops all stock models for 2 m riders in the US. It is we short people (I'm a grandchild of coal miners) that have a problem finding anything our size.


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Sweet! Great choice @Ziraffi it's cool that Haibike produces so many sizes. Glad to hear it's holding up well for you, thanks for the update and welcome to the EBR community :D


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Thank You, guys! Here You have a winter photo in March, when there was only a little snow left compared to January and February. The place is in the middle of my 12km commute from Espoo to Helsinki, which are the two biggiest cities in Finland. During winter time I have spike tyres which together with the snow increase the amount of electricity used, but still the Yamaha 400 Wh battery gives about 40km in the standard mode. Of course, I take the battery inside into my workplace to keep it warm. Now during summer time the battery gives about 60-70km in my use.

Haibike indeed produces a very large variety of frame sizes, both high and low. Sduro Trekking XXL is 64cm and it is the only one of that height I found in Europe.
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