Hello from SF now Los Angeles


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Hello All,

I new transplant from SF Bay Area. After decades of not riding, finally getting a e bike. I am exploring Los Angeles, love the weather but not the traffic. A bit dismayed at the lack of bike lanes on major streets and boulevards here. I remember Critical Mass in SF which brought about some changes!

Let's go LA!!


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Welcome to the forum!

I couldn't imagine riding in LA traffic. I don't think it's a particularly bike-friendly place to ride. But, if you ride for pleasure and can do some scenic rides along the PCH, or Venice Beach, it must be real nice.

What e-bike did you end up with and how do you like it?


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Thanks Mtl_Biker. I was fortunate enough to find a great deal with San Diego Fly Riders. They rent these bikes out and renew their inventory every six months or so they say!

I got a 2019 Specialized Como 2.0. I will pick the bike up this weekend as they had to transport it to their store in LA.