help me decide on a Commuter


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Hi Court. First, thanks for all the reviews that you do. I have been obsessively watching them in anticipation of my first ebike purchase. I watched the most recent "what do you like best" video which inspired me to ask you on the forum. I am 6', 235 pounds and commute about 15 miles to work. I have some pretty steep hills on the way to and from work (it actually feels like all i do is climb and descend hills the whole way). I was looking to spend in the $2500 range (bit more, bit less). Based on what I have been looking at, it seems that a 500w mid-drive would be best for the hills. (do you agree?). So far, my lead contender is the Spark RX but there are so many choices in bikes that I kind of get myself lost in them. Can you make any suggestions? Thank you!