Here's My Schwinn Cruiser with a Leed's Ebike Conversion

I put the 500 watt kit on it. It's very peppy. I'll have to weigh it to see how much it ways with the components on it. I also added a thudbuster seat post which isn't shown in the photo. It was pretty easy to install. I did have to call the company for instructions at one point. Just to clarify something.
Leed's was very helpful when I ran into a couple small problems. Mostly my misunderstanding. If you already have a decent bike that you're happy with the leed's kit may be for you.
I've looked into their products and like the simplicity of the setup; especially if you don't live near where a specialty shop can help. The motors are reliable Bafang hubs and the batteries in the pack are good quality Samsung cells, so not much to worry about relative to the components. Not any programmable stuff, nothing fancy but reasonably priced. Out of curiosity, I gave the company a call a few weeks ago and had a real person on the phone who was quite helpful.

Just be sure to check the width between the dropouts, since most front hub systems need 100mm to 120mm (about 4inches on the inside of the forks at the dropouts). Leed kits ask for a minimum of 100mm. Even with a torque arm provided, do be cautious about installing any kit with really thin stamped dropouts; they're vulnerable to spread with the torque of the motor as it engages.

@woodsusa that's a good looking setup! and the weight balance should be reasonable. Do you have any issues with the feel of the steering of the front wheel?
You feel the front wheel more but it doesn't seem to affect the steering much. My only problem is bumps. I added a thudbuster seat post but it's still a setup meant for smoother roads and paved trails in my opinion. For that it's excellent.