Hey all, help me troubleshoot on my Easy Motion 27.5 Evo Jumper?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Repairs' started by madrasvegetables, Jun 25, 2017.

  1. madrasvegetables

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    So I've been having this problem, where my computer will randomly cut off while I'm riding my bike. Sometimes, it will cut back on by itself (I'd say maybe 20 percent of the time), and the other 80 percent I have to stop the bike, pop the battery out and back in, and then power the computer back on. Sometimes it won't happen at all, sometimes it'll happen 3 times on a 12 minute ride.

    I've kind of just been dealing with it, although it can be pretty aggravating. But I am now in the market of trying to sell it- so if it's something that can be fixed pretty easy- I'd like to be able to tell prospective buyers that there is either nothing wrong with it, or what is wrong with it and how they can fix it.

    Thanks so much, and I'll be here to answer any questions.

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  3. J.R.

    J.R. Well-Known Member

    There have been a few others here that have had the same symptoms and many have been due to the small contacts on the display. It happened to me adjusting the display to reduce glare.

    I wrote this when my bike was new:

    The LCD is easy to read and appears accurate. It's easily removed, the bike came with a screw that can lock the display to the bike. The display angle is also adjustable to account for glare, but I ran into a problem while pedaling up a big hill and attempting to adjust the angle. On the back of the display there are 6 very small electrical contacts and when I went to adjust the angle, the display lost it's connection to the bike and all assist stopped. At the time on the hill I didn't realize what exactly happened, later that day after having time to think about it, it struck me that the bike must have lost communication with the display.

    I tested the theory at home of an interrupted connection and that was the case. I also tested the connection with the display screw in and did not lose the connection. I think a better place to push on the display base or a larger base would solve this issue. I also wondered about some of the accounts I've read about intermittent power problems, if they might have been caused by the same. It wasn't apparent to me at the time, I was busy working up the hill, worried about traffic and it was second nature to correct my vision to the display. The bike powered up when I held the power button 3 seconds, still I was concerned at the time.

    I've had it happen a couple times, not always noticing an error code. Locking down the display has mostly resolved the issue, but I still have to remember to remove the display on a regular basis and give the contacts a careful cleaning. In addition to installing the screw to lock the display, I tightened the strap holding it to the handlebars.

    There are other threads/posts on the Easy Motion Forum discussing the issue. Here's one:

  4. madrasvegetables

    madrasvegetables New Member

    Hey thanks a ton! I gave it a look and I'll have to go get a tool to tighten that screw and the strap holding it to the bars- hopefully this is it!

    Sometimes it will shut off completely, and sometimes it will show an error code- but like you, whenever it happens I am riding and trying to focus on not crashing/getting hit by a car and also getting pissed that it's shutting off ha. So I will have to commit it to memory to make sure I see what the error code is when it happens.

    Edit: also- I know this is a faaar stretch, but I bought the bike, used from an ebike shop a few states away and had it shipped. This was in the fall of last year. Less than a week after I got it, I was injured (not on the bike) and it was basically mid-Winter when I recovered. So, during that time I was not riding the bike (s*it timing, right? ha) and then I was not riding in Winter because of the cold. I am not sure what kind of warranty I have, if any at all. But does anyone know if either the shop or Easy Motion themselves would do anything about this, since it was used and I've had it for a good while?
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  5. J.R.

    J.R. Well-Known Member

    I don't know if the 2/5 year warranty is transferable. You can search for and read all the fine printo_O I would just call BH in California and ask customer support. Likely if it were transferable, you would have had to register at the time of purchase. The few times it's happened to me hasn't been a real problem. If! I were to seek some claim, what could be done to repair it? Replace the display with the same part? The problem is those tiny contacts. A replacement would still have those. I leave the screw in and treat the display the same as most all other ebikes, as perminant. Easy to remove one small screw in the event I need to remove the display. No big deal, great bike!