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    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    Hi Everyone! I'm Adam, a member of team BULLS eBIKES. I'm loving hearing everyone's feedback, experiences and questions. Even if it's negative, it helps us improve. Feel free to tag me and hit me up for any questions about the bikes and locations. If you have requests for new locations, let me know. We're always looking for great dealers to partner with and ultimately our job is to serve you together!

    Thanks @Court for putting this review site and forum together. Keep up the great work!

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  2. Please support your local electric bike shop! These guys work hard offering test rides, sharing expertise and performing support.
    EBR strives to be impartial, we don't sell bikes ourselves and keep ads limited and relevant. Donations are greatly appreciated.

  3. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    Hey Adam, I sure think that Lacuba E45 looks Sweeeet. and would love to give that thing a spin. I am in the market for my second bike, Where is the closest dealer to dallas where I may jump on one and try it out.
    I posted a thread in the choosing new bike forum about my wish list, if you care to glance over it.
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  4. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Thanks Adam for bringing Bulls to N. America. Got an MTB 2017 joining the stable soon. I forcast Bulls having a good 2017.
  5. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    thanks Robbie
    I have been cking out the website, but it needs a little more input, they dont even have BULLS listed, yet. I plan on calling.
  6. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    I would drive to Austin, and heck may even drive to MN, that sounds like a trip in itself. Just not in the winter time for this southern mutt, no way no how.
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  7. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Joe they just have 1 Bulls Strumvoygel to test ride right now. They're new to Bulls . Lots of really sweet Hai - bikes though.
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  8. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    Thanks. I may have to take a road trip. Are you in Austin? What about rocket bikes?
  9. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Yes I'm in Austin. I sure liked visiting small planet ebikes in the arts district in Dallas awhile back. Best ebike selection I've ever seen. Rocket Electrics in Austin is just south of the river a little east of Hwy. 35. Small boutique shop.
  10. Chris Nolte

    Chris Nolte Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum! We're excited to have you and your bikes here in the states! There are some Bulls customers on here and I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty more.
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  11. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    I have been underwhelmed, at best, with the service, knowledge when visiting there even though I have bought three bikes there. But that is good to know we should have one of the better stocked shops around. I "assumed" from the Austin shops claims they would have a better inventory. Maybe it was a case of the grass is greener or road tripping that made me do it.
  12. Amanda

    Amanda Member

    The strumvogel is the bike I aspire to afford one day (lol) she - and she is a she not me - is one good looking even sexy looking machine!

    One day! In a few years! (Maybe)
  13. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    Amanda, Oh how I agree she is a real beauty. I have tried to find as much info on that one as I can, does it have front shocks? from what little I know it is hard to tell from the images. Joe
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  14. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    There is a full video review of that bike here joe, just take a look though the recent reviews on the main ebr page.
  15. Joe Pipes

    Joe Pipes New Member

    Thanks pxpaulx , Love all of the reviews here. I guy can look up and three or fours hours are gone, But this site is so informative. and as i was afraid that good looking bike is solid forks. on our trails paths and roads around here, I really want one with shocks up front.
  16. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    Pretty slim pickings on ebikes in Austin, though I do see some intrest. Electric Avenue looks to best selection at the moment. Their Hai -Bikes look impressive.
  17. Adam@BULLSeBIKES

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    @Robie is right. Our first and closest dealer to Dallas is going to be Electric Ave. Austin. I know it's a hike, but the folks there are great and we can help coordinate to get the bike you want.
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  18. bob armani

    bob armani Active Member

    Hello Adam-
    Great to see you guys are going to ramp up your C/S for your awesome bikes in the US. We need to get you guys over to the midwest in the Chicago area
    I have contacted several bike shops and none of them have considered BULLS! DO you know when the MTN carbon fiber bikes will be available from Bulls?
    There was also a negative comment about EVO FS 27.5 seat post that will not move freely up and down to the seat brackets. Is this an issue with this bike, or has it been corrected? I have also heard negative feedback about the Brose motors. I was under the impression that those motors were just about on par with Yamaha and Bosch. Will Bulls ever consider using Yamaha like Giant mtn bikes do? Thanks in advance.
  19. Adam@BULLSeBIKES

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    Hey @Joe Pipes while Electric Avenue in Austin is our closest dealer to you, other eBIKE shops and even traditional shops may be willing to receive a bike you're interested in. We can typically arrange delivery of any bike as long as your local eBIKE dealer is open to it. They can either charge us for assembly or become a dealer with us.
  20. Adam@BULLSeBIKES

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    hey @bob armani we're not sure on the Carbons yet. We have several people asking about them.
    We're working on the Chicago area as we'll be there in August for the Electric Bike Expo tour. Let us know if you have a favorite shops we should check out.
    If you can provide a link to some of the feedback you're referring to on the EVO FS 27.5 seatpost, I'll look into it. The Brose motors are definitely on par with Bosch and Yamaha. Many even prefer them for their smooth delivery and silent power. For some who are used to Yamaha and Bosch, they may take some getting used to as the respond best to consistent cadence and torque. They may also seem to assist less in lower settings than higher, but again this is likely due to rider cadence.
    We don't have any plans at this point (that I'm aware of) to partner with Yamaha, but stay tuned for new partnerships in 2018.
  21. Edward Kean

    Edward Kean New Member

    Great stuff- Contacted Bulls who directed me to Small Planet in Longmont, Colorado. Small Planet rented me a
    E-STREAM EVO FS 3 27.5 PLUS. After riding a one trail ride, I sold my Spec. Turbo Levo FSR (also an awesome bike) the next day and bought the Bulls. The Bulls just feels perfect (software?) and will go all day (Spec is a half-day bike).

    One of my friends said the only problem with ebikes is - "you need two". I know what he means. He meant one for you and one for someone to ride along with you.

    When will Bulls offer a full suspension mtn bike for my athletic wife's 5'2" body type? She'll need an xs frame with low standover and short length frame.
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