Hi from Golden Colorado

Hi. I just joined the forum. I have been used this site extensively to research e-bikes. What a fantastic resource...., kudos and thanks to Court Rye. I'm an avid mountain biker and casual road-biker. My limited road biking is on cross bike which I use mainly for training when I cant get onto the trails. We also have a pair of 14 year old MTB/Cruiser hybrids which have served us well although they are now on their last legs.

My wife and I have just sprung for a pair of BULLS Lacuba EVO E45's after watching and reading many dozens of reviews and taking two short-listed bikes for a test-ride. We plan to use these new steeds for transportation (we both work from home so no to-work commuting) and touring. We are excited at the prospect of owning e-bikes and all the benefits they will provide.

Ann M.

@MikeBCO, congrats to you and your wife for the new Bulls Lacubas! I know you both will enjoy your rides and exploring with those bikes; they are very highly rated around here :). And Welcome to the EBR Family. When you have a moment; upload a couple of pics of your bikes and where you ride; we all appreciate that.

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