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    Hi. I just joined the forum. I have been used this site extensively to research e-bikes. What a fantastic resource...., kudos and thanks to Court Rye. I'm an avid mountain biker and casual road-biker. My limited road biking is on cross bike which I use mainly for training when I cant get onto the trails. We also have a pair of 14 year old MTB/Cruiser hybrids which have served us well although they are now on their last legs.

    My wife and I have just sprung for a pair of BULLS Lacuba EVO E45's after watching and reading many dozens of reviews and taking two short-listed bikes for a test-ride. We plan to use these new steeds for transportation (we both work from home so no to-work commuting) and touring. We are excited at the prospect of owning e-bikes and all the benefits they will provide.
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  2. Please support your local electric bike shop! These guys work hard offering test rides, sharing expertise and performing support.
    EBR strives to be impartial, we don't sell bikes ourselves and keep ads limited and relevant. Donations are greatly appreciated.

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    @MikeBCO, congrats to you and your wife for the new Bulls Lacubas! I know you both will enjoy your rides and exploring with those bikes; they are very highly rated around here :). And Welcome to the EBR Family. When you have a moment; upload a couple of pics of your bikes and where you ride; we all appreciate that.

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