hi from Lanzarote


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hi all,
i am Robert from Lanzarote, one of the Canary Islands in front of Africa.
I am a green living enthusiast. Our house is powered by the sun and we are running a paragliding school in Famara.
We have two Vintage Electric Etracker bikes and as you can imagine now that they are 4 years old lots of troubles and questions ?.

1. Question
My charger died again and Vintage electric charges 130$ plus shipping, which seems a bit stiff.
Does anyone know if its possible to buy these chargers somewhere else, or if I can use another charger?
Or if i can simply connect it to the charge controler of my solar battery.
The problem is the plug on the bikeside, which has two pins and three more contancts....not shure what they are for, presumably they go to the controler of the bike?
Any help highly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance!