Hi, Bruce (AKA RockstarBruski) here,
I thought I would post about Hill Topper electric conversion kits and electric bikes.

Here's my two e-bikes so far.

1. Conversion of a Giant "Escape" commuter with a 350W 36V Hill Topper front e-wheel first with 20 mile Ranger bag battery and then changed with Horizon 17 to 40 mile lockable slide in and out battery.

2. Foldable Hill Topper 350W 36V Hill Topper front e-wheel with Horizon 17 to 40 mile lockable slide in and out battery.

Video of Giant Escape with Hill Topper Ranger kit conversion

Video of foldable Hill Topper ebike with Horizon battery review

Also, one day in the future I might try to convert an older Schwinn tandem cruiser to a 350W 36v Hill Topper kit.

I’ve been riding Hill Topper products daily for years so if you have any questions let me know and I’d be happy to answer them.

Also, if you end up deciding to purchase a kit or bike from Hill Topper you can use this link http://www.electric-bike-kit.com/index.aspx?dc=brucemoody and save a bit of money and I get a small referral fee to help pay for my video equipment and time to make video reviews.

I LOVE e-bike riding! :)
Happy and Safe riding everyone!
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Question for Hill Topper owners - I'm curious how have Hill Topper owner's batteries been?

My first Clean Republic (Hill Topper) battery was a Ranger (20 mile) bag battery on a Giant Bike (total weight including me and bike is about 250 lbs) and over about 3yrs and 3K miles with almost daily use and I'd say about 85% of the time I'm using the throttle on full on flat and hills and the battery is now down to about 12 miles range under the same conditions. I've been happy with the life of that battery considering how much I've used it and the heavy stuff I carry in my bike bags and steep hills I frequenetly ride up in the northwest. I recently bought a "Horizon" removable lock/unlock battery which is super simple to install with my existing 350W kit and I'm getting about 23 miles out of that battery so far.

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