Home Made Bike Rack


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My first time working with PVC and glue. I tried it out today--drove across town and back, and it did not fall apart and works! Amazing, for me. I use a motorcycle ramp to roll the bike in and out on.

Only 3 trips to the hardware store were made during the construction phase.



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Nice, the red straps are from HD ?

A side benefit is that Now you can offer ebike towing services in your area. I’m sure you will have a lot of stranded Juiced, Stromer, Trek. Specialized customers😉, possibly some Giant owners as well !


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Great Job. I too made a home made pickup bed rack and ramps. I have 2 ebikes and an etrike and needed something that would allow all 3 to fit in the truck bed and the ability to load them with no help. I made mine out of 1x4's. I have taken a couple of highway trips with it and several short trips to the local trails. So far am pleased with the results, both for the stability of the rack and the ease of loading/unloading.


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I think the straps came from Wally World and are marketed as Motorcycle tiedowns. Hah. Good one about the towing. I think there are maybe 4 or 5 ebikes in the vicinity? I own two of them. I did ask a rancher who was having troubles with his 1960s stock truck if he needed me to tow his truck. He laughed. After all, he did have a horse in the back of his truck.

I think I may be pulled into the building of an improved version for a fat tire ebike. Stay tuned.