How good is the Como 4.0 AND does the motor break down?


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I have the como 4.0 and have ridden it about 180 miles. It is a very nice bike. It has been about perfect for me. It has exceeded my expectations.

I use it to commute 16 miles roundtrip. I am in the sport or turbo mode always. I don’t recall ever using eco mode. I am riding at 15 to 23 mph, and maybe a bit faster on the downhills.

I think the brose motors are the best brand. Very quiet and smooth. Quieter and smoother than the other brands. I almost don’t know it is there, except I am going faster.

I have never heard of one breaking, but if mine did, I expect the shop will fix it.

I suggest riding the como 4.0 and comparing it to other brands. For me it felt better than the others that I tried. I am very happy with the bike.