How to replace old broken hydraulic brake body with a new one


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What I'm replacing is the brake body with handle on my handlebars. I broke the original, no leaks, just destroyed the lever mount beyond I bought a new one. Is it a simple swap? Just unscrew the hydraulic brake-line from the body and screw it into the new one? Before I make a mess, I'd appreciate any insights. (youtube doesn't have anything I can find). Many thanks for any advice.

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If you're replacing the lever body and reservoir you'll need to replace all the fluid and bleed the system. You don't mention the system. Most brands offer bleed kits, including fluid. Be very careful not to get fluid on the rotor or pads. You should be able to find the bleed procedure on YouTube.


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Ill be bringing this in for the local bike shop to resolve--I don't want to screw up my ability to stop effectively during my commute. Many thanks for your insight.


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It is a fairly simple job IF you know what you are doing and have the right tools. Probably better to give it to your LBS. Especially if you have a model that uses DOT brake fluid instead of mineral oil, things can go south quickly...