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I am recently retired and have too much time on my hands. I am a hunter, angler, golfer, and glamper. Not necessarily in that order. In looking to replace my smaller four wheeler that was stolen this year, I became intrigued by e-bikes as an option. So much so that I ordered my wife a Goplus 20 for Christmas as an entry level trial. I think it will work fine at our fish camp for her to ride to the pool or to meet me at the marina when she wants to join me after I have been out fishing for a few hours.

My needs/wants are a bit more robust. I would like something foldable that can handle hilly, rocky, muddy, and soft terrain that can also pull a small trailer for under 2K. (not too much to ask is it?) I have read every foldable fat tire e-bike review on EBR, and right now, the leader in the clubhouse is the Radmini. I would prefer to buy from a local bike shop, but the closest one is an hour drive by car. That is still a lot closer than the West Coast.

I have read a bunch on these forums and look forward to learning a lot more about e-bikes with the help provided by the members here. Turkey season doesn't open until March, so hopefully I have enough time to make an informed decision.

Thanks everyone.


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Welcome to the site. Ebikes can fill a lot of needs for shorter trips and lighter loads.
They are a lot cheaper than a four wheeler. However the fat tire ones are as much a thief magnet as a four wheeler or scooter. The third e-bike I saw in my county was an insurance replacement for a fat tire pedego. The owner flagged me down to ask me to watch for his original stolen bike. The thief lifted his over the back yard fence.
Pro thieves that have a truck to haul off 4 wheelers probably also have torches and grinders to cut off cables, chains, and bars.
My 2" tire stretch cargo bike with a messy electric conversion has been safe for 6 months cabled to light poles and shopping cart racks with a 10 rated master lock. I get out in the city five days a week usually.
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Welcome to the forum. I've read a lot of good comments about the Radmini, and Rad bikes in general. You could do a lot worse. Sounds like you've already done a lot of research and comparison, so my advice is, don't think about it too long. Go ahead and get a bike that looks like it will suit you and start enjoying your ebike freedom!
Thanks guys. Not too worried about theft. The four wheeler was stolen from our hunting property in Georgia when we left it hidden, but not well enough. One reason for the e-bike is portability so that it won't be left unattended.

I have not read any bad reviews on the Rad Mini. I like the new step-thru for 2019, but they are not in stock and full specs are not available. I am also looking at a company in St. Petersburg that is an hour and a half from my house that sells a folding step-thru that looks interesting. They also have limited inventory, but I can drive to their showroom and look, touch, and ride one. I may be asking advice on this forum about what to look for before I go.


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My Rad Mini, 600 miles no problems. No flats even though 300 miles were on gravel and dirt.

I do check the spokes to see if they are loose. Just a turn here and there to keep them tight.