I am now part of the club


I have been a cyclist for years and using my Surly LHT (fully loaded with dynamo, tubus racks...ect) as my commuter to work 50 miles route. After being passed by Ebikes almost daily, I have decided to research about ebike. This website and Court's youtube review channel are my daily visit. What a great resource, we have here. Riese and Muller bikes are my favorite bikes. However, I decided to start small first and purchased Haikbike Trekking S 9.0. So far it has been the most enjoyable experience. Instead of 2.5 hrs commute time, it is now 1.5 hrs. More time to spend time with the kids afterward. In addition, I already have plan for upgrades. Nyon, Marathon plus tires and Suntour NC 12 supsension post had been ordered and on their ways. The next thing will be the light upgrade since the stock one is not that great compare to my Surly LHT dynamo light. Just want to shout out and looking forward to be part of this great community. By the way, my Surly and the Cervelo will be used for a weekend ride.