ICE prior to e?


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Got interested in motor assist back in 2001 as a way to alleviate some auto time and replace it with bike time, much like it has morphed into today.

My first effort was a simple friction drive 2stroke mounted on a 29”er. It showed me the proof of concept but was loud and stinky. Did a lot that spring that year to get my base miles in though!

I researched hub drives and got a front one, as I was intrigued by the AWD aspect, and tried that out but it was so range limited due to the SLA battery it didn’t satisfy my needs but it did show promise of what was to come.

Next I tried a Currie Drive which was similar in regards to lack of range but once again showed potential so I shelved the e thing.

The China Girl 2 stroke kits never were attractive to me due to my prior experience but I considered ways to use a 4cycle engine and this is the final rig I came up with.


I owned this bike for 12 yrs and put lots of miles on it range anxiety free as it got about 175/gal.. The 49cc 4stroke was fed into a 5:1 reduction gear and a jack shaft had sprockets that fed that and the crank to a 3x8 IGH hub for all the gears necessary via pedal or motor or a combination of the two.

A few years ago when I felt e tech was up to where I wanted it I did a full rebuild of it and passed it on to a guy that uses it on a property he caretakes and now exclusively run e bikes.