Im after a good qualty long lasting hub motor kit with batery

I want to build a bike for comuting 10 kilometers per day and looking at 500 watt range, reliable good quality
I want peddle and hand throttled .it will be instaled on a comfortable bike for my wifes 40th birthday.
Can you recomend a complete kit for me ?
Any kit with a Bafang/8Fun motor is usually good. There are other brands that might be stronger, but often they lack the support network. Where are you located?
Mornington peninsula south of melbourne Victoria Australia.
8fun seems to be the only mid drive setup I can find for a decent price there are some cheaper ones that look the same on eBay but I don't know whether it's worth taking the risk buying one
Also most or all advertised prices for ebike kits don't include a battery I was wondering if it's a waste of time and money putting a 20 amp power on the bike or should I go with an 11
'm thinking of going for a mid mount BBS 02 500 w 36 volt or maybe 48 volt I can only assume that one slightly better going up hills what are your thoughts. 'm not not 100% sold yet from what I'm finding from reviews above 500 w the rear sprockets and chains can cop a fair bit of damage

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