iMAX S1 Charging Port Issue - resolved

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    Just wanted to share what is likely a common problem with iMAX S1 - after about 140 miles it suddenly stopped charging. The charger would basically not recognize that it was plugged in and the green light remained on. At first I thought the problem could be easily resolved as per this video:

    But that didn't help. After contacting Magnum Helpdesk, they pointed me to a solution. The problem is the charging port, specifically the connection between the port and the battery. From Magnum Helpdesk:

    "like i said the problem is in the charge port connection just inside the small plastic pannel. you are going to cut the heat shrink around the wire connection then open the connection. use a sharp tipped tool to close up the female end of the wire connection as seen in photo. replace connection and plug in charger to make sure it works. "

    The two images attached.

    Hopefully this helps whoever encounters the problem the next time.


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