IMax S1+ start safety override

I have an IMAX S1+ scooter. It has been great so far, but I really dislike the fact that you have to push off by kicking the scooter until the drive mechanism will engage. I understand the safety aspect so as to stop inadvertent acceleration from a stop, but it is inconvenient leaving from any dead stop. Is there anyway to override this feature either by programming or some modification of the electronics.
The Imax S1 scooter has an average size motor, 500 watt hub motor, with a decent 48V 10ah lithium battery pack so it has the power to do the kind of starts you want if you're an average size person. I can imagine that the 2mph kick start is a real drag on a hill so my thoughts are that Magnum feels the battery and motor will last better if not subjected to a start from a dead stop.

Magnum IMax S1 Scooter.jpg

Try emailing Magnum directly at or calling them at (323) 375-2666‏.
Don't want to see you lose any warranty by hacking the controller without at least getting some feedback from the manufacturer.