Initial Thoughts - S Duro Trekking 9

I picked up my 2018 S Duro Trekking 9 from @sandiegoflyrides on September 30. I had a great experience with Max and the team there.

I have the Large Frame, I'm 6' and a 32" inseam. It fits well, but honestly I probably should have gone down to a Medium or a low step. The seat post is at the bottom, so no room for accessory straps, but I won't be bombing mountain trails, so not too worried about stand over height.

The seat post is the new version of the Kinnect post. So far I'm liking it. I'm riding mostly pot holed bike lanes and the San Luis Rey River Trail.

The bike arrived with a cracked rack. It was cracked at the rear seam of the rack and the rear light was toast too. Haibike shipped a new unit out right away. But that rear seam still seems like a weak point with only a spot weld to hold the two halves together.

SDFR updated the Bosch software when I picked it up, so I have the eMTB mode and walk assist. I use mostly eMTB and turbo if it's a steep hill or I'm pooped. I also swapped the stock pedals with better alloy platform pedals. I've also flipped the stem over to give a flatter riding position. I may end up going with a bit longer extension as well.

Haven't had a chance for really long rides yet, so I can't comment on battery life. I'm taking it with me on my trip to Oregon next month so I'll get some miles in there in cooler weather. Right now it's 91 in our backyard here in Oceanside. Sheesh.

I've got an XLC adapter plate on order and just got a Banjo Bro's Market pannier. I'm hoping this becomes our second car, especially next year when we move to Oregon full time.



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I bought a 2018 trekking 6.0.. I'm six feet tall with a 32" inseam. .I got the medium frame and low step. My seat post is only raised an inch or so but the satori animaris suspension raises it about another 2" I put a 55mm stem riser on mine (2.16") and it's now a perfect fit with perfect reach to the bars and bar height. I really thought I'd need a large frame but these Haibikes seem to run very large. I also put ergon GP-1 grips on mine which have been outstanding for comfort. I really like the looks of yours with the integrated battery and your tires are a little wider than mine which I would have preferred


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Did you have to drill out some plastic from the Ergon grip for it to fit? A mirror is going to be my next purchase but not sure what will fit or what will look good
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No, mine had plastic bar ends. Just realized they are the GS1's. I did have to cut out the end of the stock grip with a utility knife prior to the Ergons.
Question: How are you planning on transporting the bike? rack? in vehicle? I plan to transport mine around but would be a bit hesitant about trying to get a bike that heavy onto my roof rack. I have the same bike. Thanks.
I've transported it two different ways. Originally on a Saris Bones trunk rack, and once I got a hitch installed on my Subie, with my old hitch rack from Performance. Both methods got the bike to Oregon and back with no problems, but it was easier to lock up the hitch rack and it seemed a bit more stable. I definitely would not want to use a roof rack, if nothing more than the weight of the bike to heft it up there.
Some updates and things I've done to the bike. I haven't ridden as much as I'd like to but I did get a chance for some winter riding in Oregon, just before snowmageddon up there. With the stock tires about 10 lbs lower in pressure than usual, it rode well on somewhat icy and/or slushy bike lanes. If I wanted better traction or studded tires, the fenders would have to come off, as there's just not enough clearance. I've put on a bar end mirror, and a "shopping" pannier which carries the Abus lock and/or groceries. I also swapped out the original stem with a 100mm 6 degree replacement. That seems to compensate for the riser bar and stretches me out to a better position. I may still go to a flat bar at some point. I still think the frame is a bit big, even though it is the "right" size according to Haibike and though it doesn't feel overly large, it just seems a tad too tall. Oh well.