Interbike Update: Bulls 2018 Bikes for US (many new models)

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by Chris Nolte, Oct 16, 2017.

  1. Chris Nolte

    Chris Nolte Well-Known Member

    Bulls has many new models coming to the US for 2018. Below is a video of Court highlighting some of the bikes. I'm sure there will be many reviews to come from Bulls soon.

    Some highlighted models:

    First-Look-Bulls-E-Mountainbike-2018-24-810x540.jpg First-Look-Bulls-E-Mountainbike-2018-1-810x540.jpg First-Look-Bulls-E-Mountainbike-2018-11-810x540.jpg
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  3. Over50

    Over50 Active Member

    What did you think of the Six 50 TR Street? I wasn't clear or couldn't recall if it was a class 3 or class 1. I thought he said it was a speed pedelec but it looks like the CX motor. Anyway, not a lot of full suspension commuter bikes with a pannier rack out there. I'd be interested to hear more about it.
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  4. Chris Nolte

    Chris Nolte Well-Known Member

    It seemed pretty cool. It is a speed bike. I didn’t get to ride it, but I’m looking forward to it.
  5. Mark Peralta

    Mark Peralta Well-Known Member