is it possible to wire in a headlight?

I have two Haibikes, both 2017 models, a full nine 6.5 and a all mountain 5.0, both powered by yamaha. On the bottom of the switch panel near the left grip there is a port that appears to allow something to plug in.... Wondering what is supposed to plug into that port and if there is a way to plug in a very bright LED light so I can do some night rides. I currently have a few of these type of lights and nothing wrong with them other than I have to charge a separate battery and strap the battery to the bike somewhere. Plus those batteries don't seem to last as long as I would like.

rich c

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Just a speculation, but is that port the computer diagnostic connection for the dealer? Usually a voltage difference between bicycle lights and the main battery on eBikes. There has to be a transformer used to make them compatible.

Nova Haibike

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AFAIK, you can add a light into any Yamaha system, but it is wired into the motor itself. Regardless, even though my Haibike came with lights, they are still not bright enough for my needs. I supplement them with a Fenix BC30R headlight and Cygolite Hotrod 50 taillight.
That Supernova light by itself is over 400$... I am sorry but when I am getting lights that work great for under 30$ I can't even fathom spending over 400$. I just wanted to see if there was a way to wire in my existing lights to the bikes battery.
yes there is a way. you can buy a voltage converter and wire it into the main wires off the battery ising t taps. or you can buy e bike specific batteries that run off battery voltage and wire those in. just seach for 36v or 48v bicycle light on amazon and see what pops up they can be wired direct to battery power. this is just an example, to show that such products exist. this is not a very powerful light but this has an almost universal input as far as ebike battery voltages are concerned
I like my m99 pro, but I ended up moving it from my Haibike to my JuicedBike. Supernova never made a dedicated cable harness that splits the power from the battery to the light and the motor. The thing to keep in mind is all of the big motor systems are exactly that. They are a mostly closed system that won’t account for a unknown phantom draw coming from a modified cable harness. They design a light output at the motor for a reason, so it’s usually best to buy a light designed with your motor system in mind.

Supernova lights aren’t the cheapest, but you know you won’t blind other road users when you have one.