Is there a bike that lasts after extended use?

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    Does anyone know a brand of ebike which can really go the distance? I read reviews all the time, and my biggest issue with the ebike reviews, is that I can't find any reviews over long term use. I'm sure such a review exists out there somewhere, can someone please direct me?
    For the most part, the reviews I read go like this: "Hey, here's this bike I just got it's brand new and rides great."
    Or... "Hey, I've been riding this for a whole week and I love it".... Or even the occasional.... "I've had this thing for a few months, I've ridden it on Saturdays and it's awesome."
    While these reviews do sometimes give useful information, I'm looking for a review of how the bikes (and their motors and electrical components) hold up after serious long term use.
    I've been using an ebike as my primary form of transportation for nearly four years now. When I started doing this, I was living twenty miles away from my workplace with very steep hills in my path. I ride every day.
    I've bought only the lower priced ebikes so far.
    I realize that with ebikes just as with everything else, you get what you pay for. So Before I go and shell out a higher dollar amount, can anyone recommend from experience, a brand of bike or conversion kit which can handle every day use on and off road for at least two years before a motor or controller box needs to be replaced?
    I'm not talking about batteries. I realize batteries will eventually need replaced. I'm cool with that.
    I'm not looking for someone who has owned the bike for a couple of years and rides it 2 months out of the year. That does not count :) That's not really the same as using the bike for a couple of years.
    I ride my bike all year, all months, every day. Do any reviews exist of extended use on an ebike?
    Please help :)

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    Posting your inquiry in the Forum Rules and Etiquette is going to limit responses, so maybe ask the admin to move it. I ride 3 different ebikes. I've ridden 1700 miles on a cheap Sondors fat bike, owned it for 19 months. The motor is getting a rattle in it. It's a known issue with that motor that the glue fails on the magnets, so will be opening it up to epoxy them back in soon. Also getting close to needing brake pads. I'm coming up on one year on a Haibike XDURO Full Seven S RX mountain bike. 1600+ miles on it since last November, no issues. Almost 1,200 miles on a Haibike XDURO Trekking S RX, no issues. I highly recommend Haibikes, but you would have to add all the mileage on 3 bikes to come close to the mileage you may be talking about.
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    There seems to have been an explosion of new ebikes and advancement over the last year or two, which might be why you don't see a lot of long term reviews on all these recent new products. That been said, the previous gen of Bosch motors for instance had some sort of issue (I don't recall the details), but I heard Bosch stepped up and replaced them. Based on that, I think if you buy something from a reputable brand, with a quality motor and battery, you should be in good hands. Check out forum threads here on a particular brand and model of bike for any known issues that might be a deal breaker for you, or any that you might definitely want to steer clear from.

    Other than that, jump in with both feet and hope for the best. Know that if comparing to a car, the bike will pay itself off in a very short period of time..
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    Curious, what ebike have you owned and used?

    Court J.
  7. Luv2ride

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    I ride strictly for pleasure with friends who are strong road bike riders.
    Picked up a Trek XM 700 in November 2016 and put 7400 miles on it by July 2017 when I purchased a Trek Super Commuter which has 3862 miles on it as of today. I have gone through 3 chains and 3 sets of brake pads plus I have had 3 flats and put one new tire on the XM.
    I have put one chain, one set of pads and have had 3 flats on the SC.
    Both bikes have performed pretty much flawlessly with the exception of the occasional dropped chain.
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    Damn, you're not fooling around! I thought I was doing OK with 3000 since May on my xm700 (which I love).

    I see there's at least two guys here who have recently added to or replaced an xm700 with a Super Commuter. How's that going? One of the things I really like about my xm700 is the relatively lighter weight, which I understand is not the case with a Super Commuter... but on the other hand, that one has a lot more tire than mine can run and therefore opens up a little more ability to handle more varied terrain. I'd be interested to hear your stories on this.

    And as for the original question, these Treks with the Bosch system are pretty freaking tough. The only issue with mine other than a broken spoke on an Erie Canal crossing has been some dirt between two contacts in the controller that disabled the bike until Bosch told the LBS what to do. Apparently a very rare thing, and can be dealt with by a blast of air from a CO2 canister, but still nothing you want to have happen in the middle of a fifty mile ride or longer. Big Trek fan here, though. Used to drive Ronin crazy with the cheerleading.
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    I only ride on the road and would not think either the XM or SC would be very good on anything but very tame fire roads. The extra weight of the SC is not noticeable when riding and the difference is 6 lbs.
    I find the suspension fork on the XM to not be very useful and I don't like the bounce of it when I stand and try to power up a hill (completely locked out).
    The SC has a carbon fork and those big lower pressure tires to cushion the ride a bit and the bike responds really well to my input.
    Both are great bikes the SC is just better designed in my opinion.
  10. Leon Washington

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    Commute every day 34 miles round trip. Two mile 7% uphill
    Bikes owned now:
    ST2s 4000 miles (rear flat tire & engine replacement cable) You get what you pay for. . . best bike ever. I'm first in line for the St5
    Haibike XDURO Full Seven S RX 2500 miles (In the shop now Saratoga Dave's issue above. Button probably needs compressed air). Flat tires are the only issue. Stromer trumps Haibike, however (my opinion)

    Other bikes ownes:
    eJoe folder 4 years old mileage unknown, okay bike with good support
    Rad Rover Fat tire 1st line production crowd funding (best value bike ever, but not a workout bike). Excellent support
    Diamond Back (izip Transx mid-drive) over 2000 miles, relatively few problems. I thought it was the cat's meow, then I got the Haibike. Get value & daily commuter two years. Passed it on to a friend and it's still going strong. Okay support, but not great. Good price and value
    Pedego Trail Tracker 1500 miles (super over priced. glorified scooter, good support)
    Motiv Shadow (my first ebike. Way over priced. It broke down the first day I got it. Worst ebike ever made. Support is non-existent. I hope they don't make them anymore)

    I'm considering the Specialized Turbo S because they are closing them out due to end line production. The specs look good but the Specialized Forum doesn't have many worry-free customers.

    Bottom line: Sell a kidney and get the Stromer. . . . life it too short to not experience electronic shifting and Lance Armstrong-like, steroid-enhanced pedaling (without actually using steroids; you'll understand once you ride one).

    Good luck, brother.
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  11. john peck

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    The issue with long term use is that ebikes haven't been around all that long. The technology
    of early models has gone to way of the dodo. Numerous attempts by small industries that
    failed did succeed in creating product evolution. That is & needs to continue.
    Many like myself have sat on the fence patiently waiting for that ideal bike to arrive. Many others
    are still waiting.
    One seldom mentioned factor was a signifigant a asset to our growth, standardization. Back in
    our early years it dawned someone that interchangeable parts was a good idea. The firing
    mechanism for a gun made in Maine would fit one made in Georgia.
    If we are to succeed in a 2nd industrial revolution, one grounded in clean renewable energy, our
    priority should be achieving that end. Manufacturers need to unite to that end.
    This isn't just about bikes. We must cease to be a 'throw away' society. Recycling is not as good as reusing.
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  12. john peck

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  13. Keith Bierman

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    I've got a bit over 2.5 years and 6K miles on a Stromer ST-1. Other than a few flats, and chain lubing, my only repairs have been:

    1) Multiple brake bleeding (there was one incident where a mobile bike shop trashed one brake, my LBS put it right on THEIR dime).
    2) A major servicing at about 5K miles. I upgraded the battery pack at that time (just before the 2 year mark; my LBS determined that the battery should be replaced due to a defect, and covered the cost of the original battery; charging me only the delta to the larger capacity).

    Excellent bike. I'm getting a brake bleed kit, as that seems to be something I need done (perhaps something odd about my riding style?) every thousand miles or so.
  14. GuruUno

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    Any specifics on Bosch issues as stated regarding motor problems?
  15. JayVee

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    Post#2. Use Chrome to translate.
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    This is my problem too! So I started to ask long distance commuters (10.000km+) and heavy bike users (Quick&Dirty). @Sonoboy gave the hint - Pedelecmonitor (mostly german)

    How about creating an english based platform / blog?
    • how long owned
    • how many miles / kilometers
    • what motor / battery issues? kept by warranty?
    • date and mileage for parts change (brake pads / chain / ...)
    • short discription of usage (commute / uphill / downhill with altitude and distances)
    • a short subjektive conclusion or result

    @Leon Washington
    I'm very interested in your experiences with the ST2 with a few pictures also of the Haibike

    same, like your experiences with your bike, your problems and changed parts if you can remember all this.

    @Saratoga Dave
    3.000 miles since May? You're also welcome to give some impressions

    One example (add. info: in the next months I will create an english blog)

    More people that want to add their experiences?

    The advantage: no need to search in forums for hours!
  17. Larry Ganz

    Larry Ganz Active Member

    Wow, I've only managed a little over 500 miles since March, with the bike down for a month after a wreck over Memorial Day weekend. I get out about once or twice a week for recreation and average about 70 miles a month - I bought it mostly to ride with my wife on weekends.
  18. alasdair

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    Happy to give my input as i've used mine quite a lot, but over a relatively short period of time on my Giant Quick-E 2017
    • how long owned
    6 months
    • how many miles / kilometers
    4-5k miles
    • what motor / battery issues? kept by warranty?
    Generally very reliable and a 2yr warranty. Thermal cutout issues on extremely hot days (95 deg+) all dealt with on side of road. Giant not particularly responsive as they can't replicate fault
    • date and mileage for parts change (brake pads / chain / ...)
    2 chains and one set of brake pads. The pads we're overdue at 3000 miles. Tyres lasting well, no need to replace for a while
    • short discription of usage (commute / uphill / downhill with altitude and distances).
    Commute 40 miles per day over one pass, 1200ft climbing at 3-6%. Very harsh on bike due to crappy roads and high average speeds. The bike rides fairly stiff but amazed at how its dealt with a few big hits daily.
    • a short subjective conclusion or result
    Love it, best bike purchase in a while. Faster than a car over the same journey and very low running costs. No reliability issues really, I have a giant store close by so confident I can have any issues sorted quickly if they arise. Would recommend, and buy again.
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