Is VoltBike Still in Business?

Discussion in 'Voltbike Forum' started by Sundance, Nov 16, 2017.

  1. Sundance

    Sundance New Member

    So looking at my first ebike, and after spending countless hours settled on a Mariner. Have tried multiple times to contact VoltBike with a simple capacity question, but have never received a response? This makes me nervous to commit purchasing from VoltBike, as one has to wonder if support is ever needed, will they be there?

    Any VoltBike owners recently contacted support, and received replies?

    I hate to start the search over, but may have to look at other manufacturers at this point?

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  3. Ann M.

    Ann M. Administrator

    That's odd, @Sundance; Voltbike is in business. They have 3 ways to contact them on their website- phone # (800) 350-4840, email- or by using the submission form on their contact page. The Mariner is a great bike and there are several happy EBR owners. Keep trying.
  4. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    I usually got a response within one business day if not the same day.

    NOBLNG New Member

    I too got timely responses through the submission form. I ordered a Yukon on Thursday and received it on Monday.
  6. ShumaBike

    ShumaBike New Member

    I have had tremendous difficulty contacting them in the past. It seems like they have one employee working both phone and email and handling both sales and service calls. I have sent numerous emails that weren't responded too, and at one point on a warranty request they sent me the wrong part, had me send it back to them at my own expense, then just never sent the correct one (thus I just ate the loss and still have a jacked up pedal arm).

    It's hit or miss though, most of the time they pick up the phone when I call. The guy working there definitely is present during their business hours and he responded to me immediately today for the problem that I had.
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