Issues with rear wheel on Juggernaut Classic HD

So it seems I have developed issues on my rear wheel...

1. I thought when I first got my bike (it's now a month old) the small silver metal piece was aligned with the sensor on the lower left frame. Now it seems like it is about 3/4 inch (about 20mm) towards the rim. Should I move it, and how?

2. I have a "jounce" at about 20MPH, and it seems to be getting worse. I watched the wheel spin, and the rim definitely is not 100% circular, there is a 2-3 spoke portion that is further in (compressed) to the center of the wheel. The rest of the rim appears to be OK.

I can attach a video if necessary.

Would problem #2 be a warranty issue? I don't know if I have the expertise to correct this. A trip to the LBS due???


Al Schlafli
Al, according to your picture the magnet looks like it is aligned properly. There may be a mark or line on the rubber cover and that is what the magnet should be pointed at. It is not supposed to point to the rounded area of the rubber covered sensor.
THANKS, Delta. It works just fine. I thought my imagination was playing tricks on me. The magnet is nice and tight, so I was pretty sure it hadn't moved. You are the first to actually point out where the magnet should be.
You are welcome Al. I have the same sensor on my bike and took a look at it. If your sensor has the word Bafang impressed on the backside I believe the rounded area in the middle of the word is the sensor area.
UPDATE (sorry for the delay). The LBS looked at the wheel, agreed it's slightly out of round where the rim pieces connect. They tried adjusting the spokes, that made it worse, so they adjusted the spokes BACK. I was running the 26X4.8's slightly overinflated (they recommend 20 max, I was at 25) so I adjusted them to 20. This helps some, but a slight "jounce" remains...
Might as well invest in a new set of brand name wheels. I just ordered a set of 29ers from the lbs after my original replacement wheels didn’t fit perfectly