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Well my Ebike search and research has come to an end with my purchase of a Sondors Fold XS in Torch. For me this turned out to be the one.
I decided on a fold bike for several reasons, space storage & transportation, it will go nicely into my security locker or my SUV. Also if down the road I ever decide to sell it, it can fit anyone.
Can't wait to build it and get it on the road, I haven't had a bike for over 20 years and I wanted to get outside and get some exercise. What I remember from when I was younger is having lot's of energy on the way out, but so much on the way back. So I expect the Ebike to help me with graded hills and my journey home. I will report back with a review on this thread. There are so many bike trails to explore, and I even purchased a second battery to make sure I can ride all day, if I want to, or if I decide to be throttle crazy.
Even at the lowest projection for this battery of 40 miles X 2 for 80 miles. I was researching biking times and distances, and 62 miles of trail riding is about 6 hours of biking, that is a lot of biking.
I also considered the Mate-X but I saw some really unhappy people with the customer service not the bike itself, so in the end I decided against it, price was very similar, Also without a dedicated forum here they are just too new. But Sondors has been around longer and every time I contacted them either by phone or internet chat they answered right away and spent time helping me. Other Ebike companies either don't answer emails or their phones in a expedient manner, they need to understand people that want to spend 2K on a bike deserve customer service sooner than later.

Anyways bike specs

  • Motor 750 WATT
  • Controller 20 AMP
  • Battery 48V 14Ah Lithium-ion battery with Panasonic® cells
  • Range 40-60 miles*
  • Speed Up to 20 mph
  • Charging Includes 3A smart charger
  • Throttle 100% electric ride
  • BrakesHydraulic with 180mm discs

  • SuspensionAdjustable Air Shocks
  • WheelsAluminum rims, front hub with sealed bearings
  • Crank SetPremium 48T
  • Pedal Assist Sensor12 magnet
  • Gears 7-speed with grip shifter
  • Seat Premium ergonomic gel
  • Handle bars Premium ergonomic
  • Kickstand Heavy-duty

  • Color LCD Display Includes USB port and five levels of pedal assist, battery level, speed, distance traveled, etc.
  • Frame Aluminum
  • Tires 20x4"
  • Total Weight 55 lbs
  • Stand over Height 28”
  • Load Capacity 300 lbs
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Well after riding it and putting it through it paces, this is my first impression of the Sondors XS Fold
Ebikes are awesome, I love the throttle, if 10% of the time I don't feel like peddling, I just don't.
This is a 750W hub motor on a 13% grade hill I had to work even on level 5, there is a reason there were no other bikes on this path the grade is nasty for a regular bikes.
I got a ton of exercise worked up sweat, peddled 90% of the time mostly in level 3 which is 50% power, used 5 on the steep hills, I needed it, 5 is overkill on the flats.
I actually found levels 4 and 5 too much off the line to control, better to start low and work up.
Taking the bike for tune up at a LBS.
Ebikes are the future of biking, the versatility is just so strong, and they are so much fun.
The ability to do long range exploring is great.

I highly recommend this bike if you want a top of the line fold style bike, I really like it.