Kickstand for Monster E FS ??

Just got my FS 3 and wanted to add kickstand too. Do you have some pics how did you installed that stand. Did you add some clamp?

Love the bike though. It's my 2nd ebike. My other is juiced bike I used as commuter.

I'm using a Felt Massload CL-KA89 kickstand on my Bulls E-Stream Evo FS 3 27.5 Plus.
I think it's made to fit on Felt Lebowske or Outfitter bikes. ($24)
It requires the 2 threaded mounting points built into the frame just forward of rear axle.
Siganberg, I've been looking at lots of photos of the E-Stream Evo FS3 27.5 Plus, trying to see if others have the kickstand mounting point built in to the chainstay just forward of the rear axle on the left side. Most I've seen online do not have it. My bike is a 2017 (black/red color) and came new with the small rectangle block and two threaded holes built into the chainstay there. It's welded (heli-arced into it ). It fits the Felt Massload CL-KA89 kickstand. If you don't have it on yours there's probably a kickstand that can be fitted, but I don't know which one.
For bikes with rear mounts, we use Pletchser kickstands that range from $40-$60.

As for bikes with no mounting holes, we frequently use a chain stay kickstand. You can find this budget friendly kickstand on Amazon, here.