Knowledgable advice sought.


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Hi, I have basically got 2 option, one much more expensive.


My question: (the cheaper bike has another 100 odd for postage . ) is it worth getting the more expensive bike? Foldability is definately and advantage, as is the battery size , and colour scheme :)

But beyond and above those factors do the spec justify the additional 572£

Other than that bearing in mind the 48v 750 mid drive motor has anyone any other suggestions?

Thanks for your help.


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The 572£ or $770 USD, a lot of money for an ebike budget, gets you foldability , rear suspension, and hydraulic disk brakes. Maybe a more trustworthy vendor too, if ebay feedback is believeable. The 750W 8-fun motor is the same on both, and I have installed one myself on my own bike. I don't know which vendor I would pick if those were my only choices. What will an equivalent mid-motor would cost from a local UK vendor.

I don't believe that you will find it useful to fold up a 50 pound bicycle. A 26" bike is a bulky thing to move around when folded. Ebikes tend to be heavy anyway, and foldability adds more weight, as the bike frame must be beefed up to support the hinge. Finally, the hinge is a potential failure point, and is something to be considered.

Rear suspension is nice, but again it adds weight, complexity and possible point of failure. If you're riding on the street, the front suspension might be adequate. Hydraulic disk brakes are nice though, but I think mechanical is adequate. You don't know if the battery wth the more expensive ebike comes with name brand LG or Samsung cells as opposed to local brand chinese cells.

I think vendor reliability is also a consideration. I have bought some small parts like controllers and display from this same ebay vendor (conhismotor) , but I was only putting $50USD at risk. You should do your due diligence on both vendors.


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thanks very much there, very helpful.
I don't need rear suspension I feel and although I could well use the foldability for the bus, I have a serious 4km hill that cost just 1 € on bus!! Best Euro I ever spent :) so the foldability could be handy for those laden or lazy days . Again disc brakes are really an advantage for muddy conditions so I can do with out .