Known Issues & Problems with Juiced Bikes Products + Help, Solutions & Fixes

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  1. Ann M.

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    No ebike is perfect, this is a thread dedicated to sharing known issues or problems with electric bikes from Juiced Bikes as well as any help and solutions you know of. Sometimes that means a DIY fix and other times it can mean a recall, software update or part replacement by a dealer.

    Please be respectful and constructive with feedback, this is not a space for hate speech. In many cases, representatives from the company will see feedback and use it to improve their product. In the end, the goal is to enjoy riding and help each other go further and be safer.
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  3. ebikes rock

    ebikes rock New Member

    Is there a manual/guidance on changing tires? I finally encountered my first flat today : - ( for the record, I suspect it was simply glass or something and I have successfully commuted daily for the past four months. I have about 1,000 miles on the bike before this first flat.

    the rear tire is flat. I've only changed a tire on my pedal bike like once. I don't want to screw up anything. are there any special tips/tricks for changing a flat on a rear hub motor setup? Separately - is there any guidance that I should share with a bike mechanic if I take it to a shop? I want to do this myself but I don't have a stand, or any tools.

    Thanks in advance!!
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  4. Luis Mtz

    Luis Mtz New Member

    Hi! please send us an email to so we can forward you the draft we have. We will be finishing up some guides pretty soon

    Also one of our guys sent us this video for us to test the Gaadi ( snake ) tube. This would be helpful for a "get Home" kit. We will update you after we give it a test

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  5. ebikes rock

    ebikes rock New Member

    Thanks so much for the prompt feedback! Much appreciated. I love the cross current!
  6. SimonMTL

    SimonMTL New Member

    Wow, that GAADI inner tube is just awesome! That is definitely a must for a hub ebike owner for a quick fix until a proper tube can be installed. A lot less equipment to carry also for the "Get home" kit.
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  7. JaredK

    JaredK New Member

    I've had some issues with my chain falling off the chainring and getting stuck between the teeth and the outer plate. I think I need to increase the tension in my chain but I'm not sure how to do this. Any tips?
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  8. Dunbar

    Dunbar Active Member

    I have the same problem but I upgraded my Cross Current to 10sp which uses a narrower chain. I don't think it's a chain tension issue but the way to do it would be to shorten the chain (remove a few links).
  9. youth

    youth Member

    I had to replace my chain recently after 5k+ miles on it and the stock chain on my CC was around 120 links while the KMC replacement was 116. For some reason the stock chain is longer then the off the shelf KMC chain. I've been riding with the new chain for 2-3 weeks & have not experienced the chain jumping off. The only issue is sometimes when shifting from the smallest gear to the next it feels like it locks up. This might just be the new chain adjusting to the other worn components though. The stock chain does seem too long if you go by the guide of bypassing the derailleur wrapping around the largest rear cog & adding two links.

    If your chain isn't worn you could check to see if your chainring guard is flat. Mine wasn't & was bent outward around the circumference. I took it off & flipped it so there was less space for the chain to get wedged in between it and the chainring.

    Another option I thought about was getting a chain guide.

    The issue really did make me wish I had a throttle because for some of the instances the chain jumped were during left turns & while crossing intersections.
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  10. JaredK

    JaredK New Member

    My chainring guard is also curved slightly outward. I took it off and flipped it like you said and now there's much less room for the chain to fall into. I'll see if this helps. If not, I'll probably get some kind of chain guide.

    But yes, a throttle does seem kind of important with this happening more often than I'd like. Luckily, I've been in pretty safe spots when it's happened.
  11. AndrewJB

    AndrewJB New Member

    I had a rear spoke break on my CC last week. The dealer put in a temporary spoke in until arrangements can be made to remove and re-spoke the whole wheel. Unfortunately another broke the following day, so I've decided not to ride until the whole lot have been replaced.
  12. Ton Ton

    Ton Ton New Member

    I know this a dumb question. But I've heard on the UDKs that you need to tighten your spokes after so long. But how do you know which spokes to tighten and how much tightening is needed? Bc if you tightened to much, would it throw off how true the tire is?
  13. Rances

    Rances New Member

    Hello, I've had my CC bike for about 1 month now and I truly enjoy it. I use it as a replacement for my car during the summer. I live in New Jersey and there are a lot of hills. I don't know if these are known issues but I do have a couple of problems with my bike. First is my chain has derailed while on the road about 3 different times in this past month. Secondly, I've tried to use the USB plug on the battery and get no output. is this not supposed to be a power source?
  14. Jax

    Jax New Member

    Hi Rances,
    My chain drops fairly frequently going over speed humps. I've found that easing off pedaling and shifting my weight to smooth the bump really helps. Could also consider a chain rrplacement as others have noted above.

    The USB port was deactivated on the battery since Juiced was having problems with it. It's a known issue, and I'm sure they're working on it for future versions.
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  15. Mike H.

    Mike H. New Member

    are the newer batteries still shipping with the USB inop? I hope not, I just ordered a USB powered bike light.
  16. Jax

    Jax New Member

    I can't say that I know... my information is months out of date. Maybe Luis from Juiced has an update?
  17. Michael Trazoff

    Michael Trazoff New Member

  18. Michael Trazoff

    Michael Trazoff New Member

    My friend was interested in getting an e bike. I showed him Court's review about the juiced bike. He contacted the 2 dealers Court mentioned in the review, the guy in Brooklyn, NY and the one in Verona NJ. Both said the same thing, that the bike was a good deal for the money, but that everyone who bought it returned it with lots of problems within a week or so. The problem with doing reviews they said is the after one is done, there doesn't seem to be any followup. I pointed out that there is this forum, and why wouldn't the dealer's contact Court and tell him about these problems? They might be busy, but shouldn't they follow up after these problems and at least contact the manufacture of any bike in question?
    I don't know if this is helpful, but my friend wound up getting a different e bike.
    Michael Trazoff
  19. lark

    lark New Member

    Could you just explain, roughly at least, how changing a rear tire with hub motor is different then non electric bike. have seen inferences that is a pita job and harder to do then regular bike but why is that specifically? Need a ride that allows one to fix flat on side of road.
  20. Luis Mtz

    Luis Mtz New Member

    Hi!, there are 3 main things when replacing a rear hub tire tube.
    1- hub cabling: as the motor cable comes out from inside the hub, some handling will be involved on the repair
    2- You need a specific way to secure this wheel to the frame. Specially because of the excess forces that are at play. So you need to go through a couple more steps than a normal bike
    3-tools: there might be a bit more tools that you need to carry in order to do a full replacement. Sometimes this is why lots of riders prefer "Get Home kits"

    We are working on tutorial videos so anyone can see how we do it. With the practice we have ( and the proper tools) you can do it in a couple of minutes
  21. Luis Mtz

    Luis Mtz New Member

    Hi! my best advice is to always read the reviews from real users. This is why Amazon provides them on each item. Also you get to know the real pros and cons about the product. Even if its the best option for you as you might prefer something like a Rad or a Stromer. That is why this forum is a great tool ( thanks Ann and EBR team!) that you can use.

    Getting an ebike is an important investment, that is why we recommend visiting a local dealer, a regular bikeshop and even the mobile techs as professional assembly and maintenance will make a difference on your day to day. Theres also great youtube training videos and free Park tool training on lots of bikeshops. The more you know the better:)
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