Latest Electric Conversion - TerraTrike Tandem Rover Recumbent - 30 MPH w/ BBHD

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This most recent build has been the most fun, and rewarding, of all the conversions I have done. The BBHD motor is so quiet, I cannot tell its even running. Installed it, derating down to 750 watts from its rated 1000 watts (peak capable of 1300 watts). Battery is Panasonic 52V, 14 AH. Kit provided by Empowered, installed by Mike's E-Bikes. Color Dp14 with 9 levels of assist. Client wanted dual brake lever (left hand), 8 speed Nexus IGH, Independent Pedaling System (so stoker could pedal or not and no worry about 'timing'). The TerraTrike Low Rider Rear rack works great for battery mounting. Recently became a dealer for TerraTrike, and I must say their support is absolutely outstanding, and so was Matt's awesome support at Empowered. They both made things much easier. Also recently completed a Rover (single), w BBS02 rated for 750 watts. Top speed of 30 MPH easily achieved, and I barely drew over 600 watts at any time.
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