Leilie Bike Controller Problem

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Repairs' started by aussiec6, Oct 7, 2017.

  1. aussiec6

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    Hope someone can shed some light on a problem my friend is having. He has a 5000w rear hub kit with controller, and tft display - they are all matched leili (chinese brand) components. He has a 72 volt battery as well. The problem we have is that he seems to be destroying the controllers and we don't know what is happening. So here is what happens. Gets brand new controller made for 5000w wheel. Fitted it, had to change sensor and hall wire combination around to get motor to run perfectly. Then within a day bike decides that it has had enough of that controller. Without warning it starts to pulse power, slow down, and make a loud noise from the hub. When the bike is pushed the hall sensor fail light flashes on/off for a split second as the wheel rotates.

    First time around we changed out the controller - fixed the problem - then within 1/2 day the same problem arises, and we cannot keep buying controllers.

    We don't know what is happening here and would really appreciate some advice.
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  3. Douglas Verbanck

    Douglas Verbanck New Member


    I have the same problem. I have a brand new one 5.000watt and Leilie bike TFT display & controler 7280. .... 30 miles and controller broke down. How did you solve it

  4. aussiec6

    aussiec6 New Member

    Douglas - we have since done a bit of testing and it turns that the 2nd controller is ok - its a hall sensor fault in the wheel. My mate has had a run of bad luck with these components - 1 tft display fried; 1 controller blew; and now it looks like 1 x 5000w wheel has hall sensor problems. The tft display and controller were replaced by the company after some back and forth. We have taken the wheel to a repairer to get fixed - not bothering with trying to go back to Leili. I brought a complete 5000w enduro bike from them before mate brought the separate components. My bike is about 4 months old now and has run perfect - uses same components - either I'm lucky or my mate is unlucky. Go figure. Good luck.
  5. Douglas Verbanck

    Douglas Verbanck New Member

    Vicky at Leili will send me a new controller, i hope it will be a better one :)

    I bought a complete bike too. Its pretty powerfull :), but i want it to last for more than 30 miles :)

    I would like to add a potentiometer to do the offset on my throttle , would you know thet the resistance should be of the potentiometer ?Regards