Local dealer support - how big of deal?

Discussion in 'BULLS Forum' started by Aleks, Jul 26, 2016.

  1. Aleks

    Aleks New Member

    Want to get some opinions...

    I've been talking to Ravi @CrazyLenny - originally looking for Haibike Fullseven RX - and have been researching Bulls - in particular full suspension Brose or Bosch models. Brose models attract me due to their discreet looks and quiet operation and battery life is a nice bonus.

    One concern I am still pondering on - is sparse dealer network. I spoke to Bulls support and they said that non-dealers won't be able to service their bikes - even if they sell other Brose models (e.g. Specialized).

    What is your take? How would you deal with any motor/controller issues if you don't have access to dealer?

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  3. Donny

    Donny Active Member

    You're either going to have to do one of three things - fix it yourself if able, find a local bike shop that will be willing to try and fix it (probably not likely), or you're going to have to box it up and send it back to the manufacturer. I think this is one of the things that many of the people buying cheaper electric bikes online aren't really thinking about. The vast majority of people out there are not technically able to repair these bikes and that's if you can get the parts. I've heard many local bike shops won't touch electric bikes unless they sell them. That's how I see it at any rate.
  4. James Kohls

    James Kohls Active Member

    The problem is interfacing with your bike's computer. A lot require special proprietary software only available to dealers. So even if another place could hook up to your bike, they probably wouldn't be able to talk to it. So really what it comes down to is diagnosing more complicated problems such as problems with the bike's electronics and electrical. Some electric problems may be something you can self-diagnose through process of elimination or peer-to-peer support. But electronics are probably going to require dealer diagnostic support.

    In the end tho, it's a lot about your tolerance for risk.

    I will say, personally, the bike I originally wanted did not have local dealer support. But I changed my mind and ended up getting a bike from my bike shop 1 1/2 blocks away. The peace of mind is great. Being able to talk and laugh with the guys who work there is a great feeling...knowing they're there. I've only owned my bike for a short while and haven't needed them yet.
  5. Robie

    Robie Active Member

    I'm pondering the same thing Aleks. I was so impressed with the one I Demoed at Houston's Ebike Expo, dealer or no dealer, I could be ordering one soon. I rode a Turbo - Levo couple wks. back which was nice. But until laws change , no Trails no Sales.
  6. stan

    stan New Member

    I have to say my local dealer gives no support, he over charges for parts, he has wrecked parts on my bike and he does not honor his warranty. I had to go to another bike shop for there good service and ended up ordering my own parts at a reasonable price. My bike is fixed, no thanks to my local dealer who says he loves what he does , some people just do not care and lie.
  7. Amanda

    Amanda Member

    I wasn't impressed with the knowledge of my local dealer, and wrote an email saying so to surface604. I'm buying from a dealer from Vancouver, and will hopefully have my local dealer be my conduit for parts and liaison with the manufacturer directly. But I'm semi intermediate with computer skills. they will likely be able to take me through any troubleshooting.

    I'm more worried about the bicycle parts (lol) Got a friend on standby for that.
  8. pxpaulx

    pxpaulx Well-Known Member

    I gave up on my local dealer when I discovered through conversation that the mechanic learned how to fix bikes from watching youtube videos. Now I do my own work - all the regular maintenance is pretty straight forward, only thing I haven't really dealt with is pedal and bottom bracket areas, but with the right tools none of the work on a bike is particularly complex (at least, the bike part...maybe not the motor and battery!).

    Adam@BULLSeBIKES New Member

    Hey Aleks, At BULLS, we're growing steadily and feedback from you and others helps us know where to prioritize our efforts and look for new dealers. We do our best to choose dealers who will represent our products and provide excellent service. You have probably already checked our website for dealers in your area, but just in case you haven't http://www.bullsebikes.com/edealers/. When you let us know your area we can work with you to get you the ride you want and equip dealers near you with the necessary tools, not to mention inventory. And of course if you have questions, you can shoot us an email at ebikesales@bullsbikesusa.com.

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