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Discussion in 'Help Choosing an Ebike' started by HunterNott, Oct 29, 2017.

  1. HunterNott

    HunterNott New Member

    Looking for my first Electric Fat Tire E-bike. What should I get?

    I'm 6' 3" 225 pounds.

    Want pedal assist & no pedal assist.


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  3. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    I'm currently looking at the Voltbike Yukon 750 Limited (incl. rear rack and fenders) for my first ebike. To be honest, the Rad Rover was my first choice but the company wanted $400 to ship the bike to me in Hawaii whereas Voltbike only charges $120. Other companies I looked at were Teo and Surface 604 to name a few but shipping was always the sticking point.

    Many fat-tire bikes can be had for under $2k with Voltbike being one of the cheapest under $1500. While a bike's appearance is important, take the time to compare the components, motor type and size, and research reviews in regards to performance, dependability and service after the sale. EBR reviews and these forums are a great place to start.

    Happy shopping!
  4. HunterNott

    HunterNott New Member

    So if shipping was not the issue what would you get out of them all?
  5. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    Voltbike is the least expensive and I like the integrated battery. They've also responded to my email questions within 1 business day, which impresses me.

    There are a lot of Rad Rover users on YT, so plenty of feedback to read through and their components were a notch up from the Yukon.

    The Teo is probably the best looking bike IMO, but the price is at the top of my budget. They're also a new company, so not much history on after sale service.

    We all have our personal preferences, riding style, budget limits, etc. Start shopping and have fun.
  6. rich c

    rich c Active Member

    What does this mean? Want pedal assist & no pedal assist.
    Have you ridden a fat bike? I think they are fine for gravel rail trails, not good at all on curvy dirt trails. They are really sluggish where you need quick steering changes. Those big tires feel like gyroscopes!
  7. HunterNott

    HunterNott New Member

    Well I heard some bikes only have pedal assist. Then others you can go so far without pedaling at all.
  8. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    When shopping, the bike's specs or description should mention the levels of assist and whether or not there is a throttle. On a pedal assist bike, the throttle overrides the pedal assist, which is useful when you need a quick boost of power like when pulling away after a stop or encountering an incline. I know for sure that both the Yukon and Rad Rover have pedal assist + throttle. Without looking at their product page, I feel confident that the Teo and Surface 604 are also configured the same.
  9. Deafcat

    Deafcat Member

    Biktrix might have a better shipping cost (typically free), their bikes are nicer than Voltbike too!

    Juggernaut vs Yukon: bigger motor options on Juggernaut, bigger battery options (the short Dorado on Yukon is 14Ah max, Juggernaut can take a 20Ah pack).

    Biktrix bikes typically come with both pedal assist, and a throttle as well. Torque sense is an option on the MX/Ultra versions.
  10. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    I hadn't checked them out. Unfortunately, Biktrix is charging $400 shipping to Hawaii just like Rad Bikes. This puts the Juggernaut at $2399 for me ($1999 sale price for 750w model + shipping). My budget is $2k with wiggle room already included. @HunterNott , definitely worth looking at if you're in the contiguous 48 or Canada.
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  11. Mark Adams

    Mark Adams New Member

    I think my fat bike corners great. I actually feel more confident in a turn that on my regular Mt. Bike,
  12. Mark Adams

    Mark Adams New Member

    Really enjoying my M2S AllTerrain only 300 miles so far but have not had any problems and most of the time I’m off road.
  13. mrgold35

    mrgold35 Well-Known Member

    I'm 6'3" and 270 lbs and I've had my two his/her Radrovers since Sept/2016. I have around 3600 miles between both bikes. The wife doesn't ride hers as much as I do and I end up using both for work/fun rides (keep wear/tear/mileage the same for both). When I was looking last year, it was only a choice between Sondors, Volt, and Rad in the same price range. It was my first ebike after getting back into biking a few years ago after a +20 year break.

    You will get use to how a fat tire bike rides and there are a lot of benefits with the extra size like instant conversation starter, smoother ride on rough surfaces at any speed, easy to transition for smooth roads to rough dirt trails with a minimal drop in ride quality or speed, can handle sandy conditions that would stop thinner tires, and you can make your own trail if you need to ride around obstacles.

    A lot of these fat tire ebikes are very similar in style and features to almost in the same way trying to pick from a Accord, Camry, or Altima sedans. I dug a little deeper to see if there were any features that might be useful for daily commuting and trail riding (my list from a year ago).

    I went with a 2016 model Radrover (in black and white) because:
    - looked like a more upright riding position compared to Volt, less stress on arms and shoulders, I could go for longer rides.
    - ergo hand grips, lessen the effects of "numb hands"
    - the Rad had adjustable forks with lock out
    - the Rad had 180mm front/rear brakes, extra size brakes comes in handy for emergency stops at +270lbs and +20 mph
    - easy to adjust the motor cut off speed from the standard 20 mph down to 7 mph or up to a little under 25 mph with a few presses in the set-up screen.
    - narrower handle bars, helps keep less stress on upper body, narrow handle bars help with obstacles on narrow single track trails.
    - three bottle cage connections (either side of upper top tube near handle bars, one on down tube facing the ground)
    - throttle has a red on/off switch, you can turn it on when needed
    - throttle power is available at full 750w power in PAS 0-5. Very handy for getting across busy intersections, short inclines to boost your speed, if you need to push you Rad up a hill, or riding around obstacles that would hit the pedals in PAS. I even used the throttle to help push my Rad up a flight of stairs.
    - the Radrover is a 4" fat tire bike with ebike components added. I can remove all ebike components and add to another fat tire bike, upgrade components like the battery/controller/hub motor, convert the rad into a mid-drive, or just remove all ebike components and turn the rover into a regular fat tire bike. A little harder to do all those things with a ebike with an integrated battery in the frame.
    - customer service, communications, and warranty claims has been 100% in my book

    I did have to make some mods to my Rover to fit me a little better like adding:
    - Sunlite 0-60 degree adjustable stem
    - Sunlite 11.5X12.5 Cloud-9 cruiser seat
    - Suntour SP-12 NCX 400mm suspension seatpost
    - 1859 Northwest ebike throttle attachment
    - BM Works Speed Extender for the handlebar for my cell iphone 6S Plus and headlight (rover handlebars too crowded and curved too much to add directly there)
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  14. roshan

    roshan Active Member

    Ping me, we can work something out. We have a few riders in Hawaii. Are you on the big island?
  15. PCDoctorUSA

    PCDoctorUSA Member

    The Juggernaut 2017 is a beautiful bike and I really appreciate the offer but I've decided to stick with a geared rear hub for my first ebike. And while the fat tire bikes really interest me, I may stick with something more stealthy like the E-Glide ST. BTW, I'm on O'ahu and not the Big Island, but my work sends me over there a couple times a year. The best of the Islands IMO.