looking to narrow down options for an Ebike

Im 6ft tall and 210 lbs and am looking for a folding ebike. I am hoping I can find a 20 inch model with enough seat and handle bar height as it will fold up smaller. Are there any 20 inch bikes out there I can look at that are under $1500? Or am I too big and will have to go 26 inch?

rich c

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Definitely ride one before buying. These bikes have a long vertical steerer, narrow handlebars, and some have a short wheelbase. It is definitely a different ride. Some have a poor holding systems when folded, and you will be wrestling around 45 pounds to get it in a car.
Thanks for all the responses folks. My wife and I decided to go with GreenBike USA GB500 for her and I ordered a slightly more expensive GB500 Fat Tire for slightly taller people.
That's cool Kiwi. I too am interested in the GB500 series. Please post an update and tell us how you like it once it arrives. Cheers!


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Hey Kiwi..so howdy you like the GB500? I was thinking of getting one or the prodecotech Mariner 5. How many miles do you ride?
I bought 2 of the GreenBike USA GB500's for my wife and me in May 2017. We love them and each has over 600 miles already with no mechanical issues. I've had 1 flat from a goathead thorn, but we ride a lot of canal towpaths and trails, so it wasn't too surprising that a flat
would occur at some point.

We just fold them up, stick them in the back of our car and drive to our next adventure. 5-10 minutes later we are riding a trail. We can get 50 miles on one battery charge, but try to limit our max to 40 miles total.
We do use pedal assist, but we pedal continually so our use of the battery is not excessive.
I can hit 20 mph easily without pedaling at all if I want, and sometimes I do it just for fun.